Nitesh Dhanjani (Senior Manager, Ernst & Young)

Presentation Title: Psychotronica: Exposure, Control, and Deceit
Presentation Abstract:

This talk will expose how voluntary and public information from new communication paradigms such as social networking applications can enable you to remotely capture private information about targeted individuals. Topics of discussion will include:

+ Reconnaissance and pillage of private information, including critical data that the victim may not be aware of revealing, and that which may be impossible to protect by definition.

+ Techniques on how individuals may be remotely influenced by messaging tactics, and how criminal groups and governments may use this capability, including a case study of Twitter and the recent terror attacks in Bombay.

+ Hacking the Psyche: Remote behavior analysis that can be used to construct personality profiles to predict current and future psychological states of targeted individuals, including discussions on how emotional and subconscious states can be discovered even before the target is consciously aware.

The goal of this presentation is to raise consciousness on how the new paradigms of social communication bring with it real risks as well as marketing and economic advantages.

About Nitesh

Nitesh Dhanjani is the author of “Network Security Tools: Writing, Hacking, and Modifying Security Tools” (O’Reilly) and “HackNotes: Linux and Unix Security” (Osborne McGraw-Hill). He is also a contributing author to “Hacking Exposed 4″ (Osborne McGraw-Hill) and “HackNotes: Network Security” (Osborne McGraw-Hill). Dhanjani is a frequent speaker at some of the most well known information security events around the world, including Hack in the Box, RSA, the Blackhat Briefings, and the Microsoft Bluehat Briefings.

Currently, Dhanjani is Senior Manager at Ernst & Young LLP where he is responsible for advising some of the largest corporations on how to establish enterprise wide information security programs and solutions. Dhanjani is also responsible for evangelizing brand new technology service lines around emerging technologies and trends such as cloud computing and virtualization.

Prior to E&Y, Dhanjani was Senior Director of Application Security and Assessments at Equifax where he spearheaded brand new security efforts into enhancing the enterprise SDLC, created a process for performing source code security reviews & threat modeling, and managed the attack & penetration team. Before Equifax, Dhanjani was Senior Advisor at Foundstone’s Professional Services group where, in addition to performing security assessments, he contributed and taught Foundstone’s Ultimate Hacking security courses.

Dhanjani graduated from Purdue University with both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Computer Science. In summary, Dhanjani is probably the greatest human being who has ever lived.