Roberto Preatoni (Founder, WSLabi - The Exploit Marketplace)

Presentation Title: Modern Threats and Cyber War - Lessons Learned? Maybe Not
Presentation Abstract:

This presentation will begin with a summary of modern and past misconceptions about computer threats and cyber-war. What have we learnt from past experiences and what we haven’t. The talk will cover:

- Examples of past cyber-skirmishes: From minor episodes to economic crushing attacks.
- Where new hi-tech infrastructures meet the agenda of political, economical and religious conflicts
- The role of cyber-based asymmetric conflict in modern societies
- What governments should and shouldn’t do
- Multi-layered threats - Dangers hidden in both software and hardware

About Roberto

Roberto Preatoni (aka Sys64738): 42, is the Director of Strategy of WabiSabiLabi, the first marketplace for security research and intellectual property. He is also the founder of the cybercrime archive Zone-H ( He’s also CEO of an International ITsec company (Domina Security) which is active in European and former soviet countries. He has been globetrotting, lecturing in several ITsec security conferences, including Defcon in the US, Paranoia Norway and Chaos Communicatio Congress Germany. He has been interviewed by several print and online newspapers where he shares his experiences relating to cyberwar and cybercrimes.