KEYNOTE 1: Philippe Langlois (Founder, Qualys / Intrinsec / TSTF)

Presentation Title: From Hacking, Startups to HackLabs: Global Perspective and New Fields
Presentation Abstract:

The world of hacking evolved tremendously from its early times when x25 and BBS to a point of All-TCP/IP, even Telco Core Networks migrating from pure SS7 to more IP-compatible protocols. The societal dimension of it evolved a lot too. Some of the community felt compelled to prove to the business world that hacking had its “use”, from Security Services to Startups, with the necessary debate around the full-disclosure and the “antisec” approach.

Some needed to use hacking as an eye-opener, a social freedom tool to transform proprietary and closed systems into interoperable tools and open specifications, an enabler for Open Source projects, to provide to the masses free education tools to “learn to learn”, contribute to a movement of openness and freedom and define these emerging “hacker spaces” for creativity and research where the usual mechanism of established society did not provide the sufficient fluidity and trans-disciplinarity to let new ideas and project blossom. Some also took the “dark” way to use technology for their own benefit and activities defined as “illegal” or “dark grey”.
Where did it drive us? And the usual next question is “what’s next”? Or more precisely, what is immune to hacking in a time where nearly each technology was hacked in some way?

The perspective has changed and both the technological branch and social branch of hacking seem to be combining again, after quite some time. We’ll cover the lesson learned, as a community, about technology evolutions, intelligence agencies shifted positions, startup successes, failures and ongoing stories in this financial crisis context, situation of hacking, research, reverse engineering and pentesting in front of the new “counter-terrorism” state, and of course where these new shiny domain of hackers interest are emerging.

About Philippe

Philippe is an entrepreneur and security researcher. He is currently advisor to Netvibes and Global partner at Telecom Security Task Force. In 1999, he founded Qualys, world-leading vulnerability-assessment service delivered as an application service provider. He founded computer and network security company Intrinsec in 1995 and founded Worldnet, France’s first public Internet service provider, in 1993. He was also lead designer for Payline, the first French e-commerce payment gateway. He wrote and translated security books and has been giving speeches on network security since 1995.