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KEYNOTE 2: Mark Curphey (Director, Microsoft Corp)

Presentation Title 10 Crazy Ideas That Might Actually Change the State of Information Security
Presentation Abstract

Ideas are cheap; we all know this and that it’s execution that really matters but in an industry where the fundamental issues seem to be getting worse and not better it seems like we all need some new big ideas to think about every once in a while. Did you know that in Chinese medicine that the doctor only gets paid when the patient is healthy and they don’t get paid when the patient gets ill? Imagine a security industry that applied this philosophy! If you have ever read the best-selling book Freakonomics you will understand that statistics can explain and predict phenomena that seem truly random without data. Imagine being able to accurately predict the security quality of software before it actually gets finished? Mark will unveil 10 BIG ideas that ‘could’ change the Information Security industry.

About Mark Curphey

After 15 years in various security roles Mark recently moved to a mainstream software management role at Microsoft running the MSDN Subscriptions engineering team. Having started OWASP, run Foundstone, software security at Charles Schwab and had various roles at banks around the world. He’s been around!