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Jonathan Brossard (CTO, P1 Code Security)

Presentation Title Breaking Virtualization by Switching to Virtual 8086 Mode
Presentation Abstract

Over the last few years, different attacks involving switching the cpu mode to SMM have been detailed. In this talk, we will expose how abusing an other mode of the intel cpus, namely the virtual 8086 mode, even when heavily emulated like inside a virtual machine, can help an attacker get direct access to the hardware, and ultimately break virtualization under certain conditions.

About Jonathan

Jonathan is a security engineer specilized in low level vulnerability discovery. He presented his researched in some of the best conferences worldwide, including h2hc (Brazil), HES (Paris) -of which he is one of the core organizers- and Defcon (Las Vegas). He is the co-founder and CTO of P1 Code Security, a French start up dedicated to vulnerability discovery through code audit and binary analysis.