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Fyodor Yarochkin (Independent Network Security Researcher) & The Grugq (Senior Researcher, COSEINC)

Presentation Title From Russia with Love 2.0 – Automated
Presentation Abstract

Two lingual experts well known for their skillful tongues, The Grugq and Fyodor have spent 6 months actively monitoring dozens of russian web forums to uncover the secrets of the russian hacker culture. This talk focuses on new threats and trends which are discussed in the open on these sites, but are generally inaccessible to the larger security community due to the language barrier.

Russia’s thriving underground culture has a heavy presence on web forums. This talk uses open source intelligence gathering techniques to delve into the dark world of the russian hacking underground. Covering new and emerging threats from the former east bloc, this talk covers: Partnerka, Bazars, economic analysis of trading, and analysis of russian hackers tracked online.

If you’ve seen part one of this talk at HITB/Malaysia last year, come over, we’ll show you what new stuff we’ve got!

About Fyodor

Fyodor Yarochkin is a security hobbyist and happy programmer with a few years spent in business objectives and the “security” service delivery field. These years, however, weren’t completely wasted – Fyodor has been contributing his spare time to a few open and closed source projects, that attracted limited use among non-business oriented computer society. He has a background of system administration and programming and holds Engineering degree in Software Engineering.

About The Grugq