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Fyodor Yarochkin (Independent Network Security Researcher)

Presentation Title Xprobe-NG: Building Efficient Network Discovery Tools
Presentation Abstract

In this presentation, the authors of Xprobe will present a new version of their tool. Build to scale, with minimized network footprint new generation of xprobe is a tool designed for mass network scanning. The tool includes a number of improvements to the signature engine and fuzzy signature matching process.

Additionally, the new version of the tool includes a number of significant enhancements, such as use of test information gain weighting. The network traffic overhead minimization algorithm uses the test weights to re-order network probes and optimize module execution sequence. The new version of the tool tool also includes modules to perform target system probing at the application layer. The authors will also present new python API for xprobe extensions and lots of demos will be included ;-)

About Fyodor

Fyodor Yarochkin is a security hobbyist and happy programmer with a few years spent in business objectives and the “security” service delivery field. These years, however, weren’t completely wasted – Fyodor has been contributing his spare time to a few open and closed source projects, that attracted limited use among non-business oriented computer society. He has a background of system administration and programming and holds Engineering degree in Software Engineering.