Keynote 2 – Into the Dark Ages or On to the Renaissance


Into the Dark Ages or On to the Renaissance: How the Lessons From the Past Can Doom or Heal Our Future


The present day information security world is at a critical inflection point. Never before has technology pervaded all aspects of society in even the most remote parts of the world, and never before have more interconnected systems been vulnerable to attack.

At present, Internet traffic between things has eclipsed traffic generated by people, and this trend will continue – even though we still have not mastered how to secure the technology we already have. Many of these interconnected and exposed things have the ability to impact human life and public safety. The very nature of information availability and connection that has spawned more leaps and advances in culture and technology since the Internet’s birth is also a double-edged source of great vulnerability.

The ghost of hacking present is here to point out scenes of digital depravity and grace taking place right now, reminding you of powerful lessons learned only by the few, and the choices we have in the present to avoid the doom we can expect in the future as a society if we don’t choose wisely.

The palette of digital paint is available to all to either blot out the sun, or create true masterpieces. Time waits for no one, not even hackers. How will you make your mark on the Internet canvas?

Location: Track 1 Date: October 16, 2014 Time: 9:00 am - 9:45 am Katie Moussouris