COMMSEC: Hardware Backdooring an eScooter


August 24, 2023




CommSec Track

In this talk, we are going to talk about ECU vulnerabilities in e-scooters. Our target is Indian OEM, though similar or  same vulnerabilities can be found in other e-scooters, We are going to demonstrate the attack where we took control of an e-scooter with the help of a hardware implant attack. The devices used in this research  is cheap to make and cost-effective.

We will show you how we reverse-engineered all functionality of the e-scooter with respect to CANBUS messages and created a hardware implant to install inside the scooter allowing remote access.

Our talk covers:

  • Basic information on E-scooter architecture and Safety Functionality
  • Different OEMs in India and their standpoints in market
  • TARA analysis of ECU with respect to E-Scooters level
  • Attack demos