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What: Capture the Flag contest for students and hacking enthusiasts organized by BHC

When: 24th, 25th & 26th April, non-stop

Where: Online

CybExer Technologies (a part BHC) is organizing an online CTF during HITB Lockdown! This is an interactive and engaging CTF experience based on last year’s Cyber Battle of the Emirates event.

Score Board / Live Stream

The leaderboard is hosted at and accessible to everyone.


Commentary / Interview Schedule

Friday, 24 April

14:00 (CET)         Interview: peek behind the CTF curtains – where the event is actually taking place?

16:00 (CET)         Score recap and commentary


Saturday, 25 April

10:00 (CET)         Score recap and commentary

12:00 (CET)         Interview: deeper dive into CTF tasks and gameplay?

16:00 (CET)         Interview: let’s get to know the players


Sunday, 26 April

10:00 (CET)         Score recap and commentary

12:00 (CET)         Interview: let’s take it from CTF to professional setting

17:00 (CET)         End of CTF. Final commentary and recap.


Technical Requirements/Set-up

We have a total of 42 challenges for you to solve in a variety of categories including:

  1. Web
  2. Networking
  3. Windows
  4. Reverse Engineering
  5. Forensics
  6. Cryptography


The CTF environment is accessed over CISCO AnyConnect VPN (Linux, Windows and macOS supported) or via browser-based portal ( Every participant will have a dedicated Kali Linux virtual machine, but participants are also free to use their own workstations.



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