Roberto Preatoni

** Presenting with Fabio Ghioni

Presentation Title: Corp Vs Corp: Industrial Espionage and Cyberwars
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In the aftermath of September 11th, security issues came into the limelight; everybody focalized their attention on increasing anti-terrorist measures and countering the increasing number of hacker attacks to business and government networks but hardly anyone has ever mentioned a more insidious and widespread criminal activity: industrial espionage. Today companies can rely on cyber-based techniques and methodologies to react to attacks coming from the real world.

1) Introduction: old and new threats after September 11th
2) Industrial Espionage: state-sponsored espionage
3) Cyber defense methodology: from digital identification of attacker to counterattack strategy
4) Cyber counterattacks: information leakage, Injected Interception

About Roberto:

Roberto Preatoni (aka Sys64738): 37, is the founder of the defacement/cybercrime archive Zone-H ( He’s also CEO of an International ITsec company (Domina Security) which is active in European and former soviet countries. He has been globetrotting, lecturing in several ITsec security conferences, including Defcon in the US. He has been interviewed by several print and online newspapers where he shares his experiences relating to cyberwar and cybercrimes.

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