Ahmad Elkhatib

Presentation Title: Malicious Code Analysis
Presentation Details: This presentation will introduce the audience to the types of malicious code out there today, and how they go about doing what they do by analyzing them behaviourally, and also by reverse engineering the code. We will also examine the various propagation vectors, and what to expect to see in the future. Finally, a discussion of how anti-virus solutions are reactive and how to pro actively protect the network from malicious code by performing trend analysis.

Why is this dicussion important?

Anti-virus companies are reactive. As new viruses emerge and begin infecting customers, these companies then acquire the code, analyze it , and push out a signature to protect their customers. This approach is going to become obsolete with the way things are going. Security professionals will have to become proactive and understand the workings of malicious code, and then be able to protect their networks from the inside.

About Ahmad Elkhatib:

Ahmad Elkhatib is a currently an information security consultant with InnoKAT, a company specializing in security professional services, where he helps top enterprises in the region by designing and implementing their security strategies. Previous to InnoKAT, Ahmad worked at iDEFENSE where he was a Vulnerability Research Engineer with iDEFENSE Labs. He then later moved to the Malicious Code Team as a Malicious Code Analyst. In that role Ahmad analyzed, assessed and reported on cyber threats to iDEFENSE’s Fortune 100 customers. Ahmad also worked with British Telecom’s BTExact as a Wireless Network Security Engineer. He also was an IT consultant for the Computer Aided Engineering Network (CAEN) at the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor. Ahmad holds a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor and is a certified BS ISO 17799 Lead Auditor. Ahmad is also a member of the Information Systems Security Association - Northern Virginia chapter and has participated and presented at various security conferences and academic institutions.

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