Samy Al Bahra

Presentation Title: TrustedBSD Security Policy Implementation through the MAC Framework
Presentation Details:

The TrustedBSD project is a non-profit effort for the development of FreeBSD’s security extensions. One of the more unique and definitely most powerful extensions is the MAC framework. By touring through the currently available ACL solutions, the benefits of MAC (and the benefits to come) will be made very clear. The TrustedBSD MAC framework permits extensions to be introduced at compile-time, boot-time or at run-time, and provides a number of services to support dynamically introduced policies, including policy-agnostic object labeling services and application interfaces. By tackling the design of the MAC framework through the analysis of the actual implementation, hackers will be introduced to the powerful MAC API that allows virtually infinite flexibility in security policy design, implementation and layering.

About Samy Al Bahra:

Samy Al Bahra has been involved with open-source for over four years, and contributes regularly as a TrustedBSD and developer. An enthusiastic hobbyist at heart, Samy has contributed to a wide range of other open-source projects and serves as one of the representatives of the Saudi Computer Society’s Linux group (as a regular lecturer). Samy has also served as one of the technical reviewers for Addison Wesley’s “The Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System” and has several articles littered across the internet.

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