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Presentation Title: Web Application Kung-Fu, The Art of Defense
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Web application attacks are growing at rapid rate in last 5 years. Many innovative ways of breaking system have come into existence. Web Applications are even more vulnerable since they cannot be protected by Firewalls and become easy prey for attackers. Next generation web application attacks have arrived and are here to stay. These attacks are targeted towards vulnerable and poorly written web applications. Web application defense strategies require secure coding at application level, knowing your application and protecting them by human intelligence. Knowing your application can lead to profiling your web assets in logical way. Profiling web assets provides better picture of various possible attacks set. Knowing entire attack set greatly helps in designing and implementing defense strategies. This presentation will cover attacks in depth with live demonstration and tools. Several new techniques of defense will be exposed to audience as part of “Art of defense”.

About Shreeraj:

Shreeraj founded Net-Square in January 2000, to establish the company as a strong security research and security software development company. He leads research and development arm of Net Square. He has over 7 years of experience with system security architecture, system administration, network architecture, web application development, security consulting and has performed network penetration testing and application evaluation exercises for many significant companies in the IT arena. In the past Shreeraj worked with Foundstone, Chase Bank and IBM in area of web security.

Shreeraj graduated from Marist College with a Masters in Computer Science, and has a strong research background in computer networking, application development, and object-oriented programming. He received his graduate degree in Computer Engineering from Gujarat University, and an MBA from Nirma Institute of Management, India. Shreeraj has also authored a book titled “Web Hacking: Attacks and Defense” published by Addison Wesley. Shreeraj spoke at conferences like HackInTheBox, RSA, Blackhat, CII and NASSCOM etc. in the past. He is also contributing writer on

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