Emmanuel Gadaix

Presentation Title: Carrier-grade security: A primer for telecommunications operators
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Telecommunications operators are at a crossroad. After enjoying decades of steady growth in a protected sector, they now face increasingly aggressive competition from smaller players due to the deregulation wave. On the technological front, they must find answers to the threat of mobile data services such as Wi-Fi and telephony alternatives based on VoIP protocols. For the first time since they were created, they must also take the security threat seriously, as opposed to the proverbial lip service they were content with until now. This presentation will present the evolution of the security threats facing telecommunications operators, and what they must do about it.

About Emmanuel:

Emmanuel started his career in GSM telecommunications in 1994, specializing in Network Management Systems and Intelligent Networks, participating in the launch of several cellular networks across Asia and Europe, with a focus on Value-Added Services. In 1997 he founded a consulting firm focusing on the highly specialized security services for the GSM and 3G operators. Personal interests include X.25 networks and SS7 signalling. Emmanuel focuses on the emerging threats facing the telecommunications industry today. He founded the Telecom security Task Force (TSTF) to provide clients with specialized security services for their GSM/GPRS/UMTS/SS7/VoIP/IMS networks

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