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August 18, 2005

Trainer: Saumil Udayan Shah (Net-Square) & SK Chong (Scan Associates Sdn. Bhd.)
Capacity: 10 pax
Seats left: 10
Duration : 2 days
Cost: (per pax) RM2000



This class shall introduce how buffer overflow vulnerabilities arise in programs and how they get exploited. The class will take you deep inside how programs are loaded and execute within memory, how to spot buffer overflow conditions and how exploits get constructed for these overflow conditions. By exposing the inner mechanisms of such exploits, we will understand how to prevent such vulnerabilities from arising.

The class will cover analysis of stack overflows, heap overflows and format string vulnerabilities. Examples of vulnerabilities shall be provided on both the Windows as well as the Unix platform. The class is highly hands-on and very lab intesive. The hands-on lab provides real-life examples of programs containing vulnerabilities, and participants are required to analyse and exploit these vulnerabilities.

Who should attend

Pen-testers, developers, just about anyone who wants to understand how exploits work.

Key learning objectives

Understanding error conditions.
Categories of error conditions - stack overflow, heap overflow, off-by-one, format string bugs, integer overflows
(this class will deal only with stack, heap and format string)
Unix process memory map
Win32 process memory map
Writing shellcode
Real life exploit construction
Secure coding practices
Kernel level protection mechanisms


Students will be required to:

Have a working knowledge of operating systems, Win32 and Unix
Compile programs using GCC
Use vi/pico/joe editors

** Understanding of C programming would be a bonus.

About the trainers

Founder and CEO, Net-Square Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Saumil continues to lead the efforts in e-commerce security research and product development at Net-Square. His focus is on researching vulnerabilities with various e-commerce and web based application systems, system architecture for Net-Square’s tools and products, and developing short term training programmes. Saumil also provides information security consulting services to Net-Square clients, specializing in ethical hacking and security architecture. He holds a designation of Certified Information Systems Security Professional. Saumil has had more than ten years experience with system administration, network architecture, integrating heterogenous platforms, and information security and has perfomed numerous ethical hacking exercises for many significant companies in the IT area. Saumil is a regular speaker and trainer at security conferences such as BlackHat, RSA, etc.

Previously, Saumil was the Director of Indian operations for Foundstone Inc, where he was instrumental in developing their web application security assessment methodology, the web assessment component of FoundScan - Foundstone’s Managed Security Services software and was instrumental in pioneering Foundstone’s Ultimate Web Hacking training class.

Prior to joining Foundstone, Saumil was a senior consultant with Ernst & Young, where he was responsible for the company’s ethical hacking and security architecture solutions. Saumil has also worked at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, as a research assistant and is currently a visiting faculty member there.

Saumil graduated from Purdue University with a master’s degree in computer science and a strong research background in operating systems, networking, infomation security, and cryptography. At Purdue, he was a research assistant in the COAST (Computer Operations, Audit and Security Technology) laboratory. He got his undergraduate degree in computer engineering from Gujarat University, India. Saumil is a co-author of “Web Hacking: Attacks and Defense” (Addison Wesley, 2002) and is the author of “The Anti-Virus Book” (Tata McGraw-Hill, 1996). He has served as a technical editor for “Hacking Exposed 2nd Ed”, and has contributed to “Know your Enemy - the Honeynet Project” book.

Security Consultant, SCAN Associates

S.K. (CISSP) is a security consultant from SCAN Associates. His job allows him to play with all kinds of hacking tools in his penentration testing. Most often, he needs to modify and/or enhance these tools before it can be used for legal penetration testing against banks, ISP and goverment agencies. These experiences help him wrote a few security whitepapers on SQL Injection, Buffer Overflow, Shellcode and Windows Kernel stuff, including one of which published in Phrack E-zine #62. His researches was presented in Blackhat (Singapore) 2003, HITBSecConf2003 - Malaysia, RuxC0n2004 (Australia), XCon2004 (China) and many other security conferences.

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