Xeno Kovah

Xeno is currently the team lead for the 5-person BIOS Analysis for Detection of Advanced System Subversion (B.A.D.A.S.S.) project. This project has been responsible for finding and disclosing multiple BIOS exploits, bypassing signed BIOS update requirements, defeating Windows 8 and UEFI SecureBoot, and bypassing other security mechanisms such as the Trusted Computing Group “Static Root of Trust for Measurement.” On the predecessor project, Checkmate, he investigated kernel/userspace memory integrity verification & timing-based attestation. Both projects have a special emphasis on how to make it so that the measurement agent can’t just be made to lie by an attacker. Xeno has presented at conferences such as BlackHat USA, ACM CCS, CanSecWest, IEEE S&P, PacSec, ToorCon, Hack.lu, NoSuchCon, SummerCon, and others. Xeno is also the founder of OpenSecurityTraining.info, and current leading contributor, having posted 8 days of classes on deep system security, with an additional 2 day class on Intel TXT (Trusted Execution Technology) to be added soon.

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