Ben Schmidt CISO / Director of Product Security, Developer, Co-Founder, PolySwarm

Ben brings over a decade of experience in information security to the table, having led research on automated program analysis, malware reverse engineering, secure software development, cryptography, cryptocurrency, and vulnerability analysis.

Having won multiple CTFs, including DEF CON, Ben continues to participate in hacking competitions today, staying at the cutting edge of reverse engineering and software exploitation. At Narf, he made use of this experience in his work on DARPA’s Cyber Grand Challenge, helping to develop and secure a game with millions in prizes that tested the state-of-the-art in program analysis.

It’s not all fun and games though: throughout his career, Ben has uncovered hundreds of vulnerabilities in an impressive range of products, including widely-used open source products, hugely popular web applications, security-critical embedded devices, and multiple mobile platforms. He authored many source and binary analysis tools to aid in his research, ensuring that future bugs can be found quickly and efficiently.

Ben holds a BSc and MSc in Computer Science from the University of Tulsa.

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