Milosch Meriac Security Researcher, Hardware Lab, DarkMatter

Milosch Meriac is interested in hardware & embedded software security, protocols and security projects around mobile devices and the Internet of Things. He considers himself a hardware hacker.

Before joining DarkMatter, Milosch was leading the Arm Research Security group where he worked on advanced IoT security solutions to allow detection and remote recovery from attacks or malware infection on embedded devices.

One of his earlier security projects at Arm was the ARMmbed uVisor, a secure hypervisor that enforces hardware security boundaries between embedded software components using the ARMv7M memory protection unit on contemporary ARM Cortex M3/M4 microcontrollers.

Milosch has co-founded open hardware projects like and and designed the first open Active RFID reader hardware design to enable sophisticated research on human interaction and the spread of diseases as part of His open hardware OpenPCD RFID reader & sniffer designs targeting security researcher were used to break MIFARE Classic security.

He has fun breaking HID’s iCLASS RFID readers & card security to make his point about security by obscurity and the treatment of fellow security researchers. As one of the three maintainers of the former Xbox-Linux Project, Milosch helped breaking the Xbox security in 2002 and ported the first Linux System to the Xbox.

He enjoys designing secure ultra low power wireless devices with privacy-enabled protocols and services.

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