Capture the Flag: On-Site Live Hacking Competition


What: Jeopardy style CTF hacking competition
When: May 9th and 10th
Where: On site at HITB2019AMS @ Beurs van Berlage
Max of 27 teams with up to 3 players / team

Chronologists, Time travelers and  Fellow Futurologists,

Join us at our exhibition on creative technical fiasco’s through the ages: the Chronicles of Total Failure.

In this exposé, you will find the finest selection of interactive calamities, tragedies and  faux pas that once haunted the pioneers of the cyber technology frontier.  

Cringe at the clutter once called “The Cloud”!
Tremble at tortured mixtures of code and data!
Feel the claustrophobia of IPv4!

But most of all, test your knowledge of archeologic trivia and your skill with ancient technologies against the best minds that time and space has to offer!

The exhibition will be held on May 9th – 10th, 2019, at the Hack in the Box conference in Amsterdam.

Entry to the exhibition is limited to a maximum of 27 parties, with no party exceeding 3 attendees. 

To apply for a reservation, you must provide a proof of archeological affinity in the form an “e-mail” to, specifying:

  • Name of your party
  • Time and place of origin
  • Party member details (name + email address for each attendee)

Currently Confirmed Parties:

  1. LegitInternalTraffic
  2. SectorC
  3. SectorC#
  4. Hack.ERS
  5. 133713pwnies
  6. segfault
  7. :Duurtlang
  8. HTTP 418
  9. 3unters
  10. HowDoIBrexitVim
  11. .elite
  12. Bitflipper
  13. Mad Goats
  14. 0ldEur0pe
  15. ESPR
  17. Beunhazen
  18. Whoami
  19. The Zappers
  20. :Duurtlang-er
  21. OPEN
  22. OPEN
  23. OPEN
  24. OPEN
  25. OPEN
  26. OPEN
  27. OPEN


1st Place – USD1500

2nd Place – USD1000

3rd Place  – USD500

The 1st place team will also be flown in to compete in the HITB2019UAE CTF in October (part of UAE Cyber Week) that has a prize pool of USD100,000!

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If you have any questions, please send an email to