Hands on Technical Trainings


3-Day Training
May 6th, 7th & 8th

Early Bird
(< 28th February): EUR2599
(> 28th February): EUR3199

2-Day Training
May 7th & 8th

Early Bird
(< 28th February): EUR1899
(> 28th February): EUR2599

Available Trainings

3-DAY TRAINING 4 – Red Teaming as a Service: Simulating Blackhat Attacks for Organisations

Trainer: Aman Sachdev (Red Team Pentester, BugsBounty) & Himanshu Sharma (Co-Founder, BugsBounty)

Seats Available: 2


3-DAY TRAINING 5 – Blue Oceans: Advanced Attacks Against BLE, NFC, HCE and more

Trainer: Slawomir Jasek (Head of Research, SecuRing)

Seats Available: 1       


3-DAY TRAINING 6 – Mastering Burp Suite Pro: 100% Hands-On

Trainer: Nicolas Gregoire (Infosec Specialist)

Seats Available: 10


3-DAY TRAINING 10 – iOS 11/12 Userspace Exploitation Training

Trainer: Stefan Esser (Founder, Antid0te UG)

Seats Available: 8


2-DAY TRAINING 12 – In & Out: Network Data Exfiltration Techniques

Trainer: Leszek Mis (Founder, Defensive Security)

Seats Available: 10


2-DAY TRAINING 13 – Bug Hunting Millionaire: Mastering Web Attacks with Full-Stack Exploitation

Trainer: Dawid Czagan (Founder/CEO, Silesia Security Lab)

Seats Available: 10


Sold Out/Unavailable Trainings

3-DAY TRAINING 7 – Advanced Fuzzing & Crash Analysis

Trainer: Richard Johnson (Director of Security Research for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure)

Seats Available: SOLD OUT

3-DAY TRAINING 9 – Advanced Real-World Penetration Testing

Trainer: Vivek Ramachandran (Founder, Pentester Academy) & Nishant Sharma (R&D Manager, Pentester Academy)

Seats Available: SOLD OUT

Sold Out? You can still grab these trainings at #HITBGSEC2019!

3-DAY TRAINING 1 – The ARM Exploit Laboratory

Trainer: Saumil Shah (Founder, Net-Square)

Seats Available: N/A


3-DAY TRAINING 2 – A Practical Approach to Malware Analysis and Memory Forensics

Trainer: Monnappa K A (Information Security Investigator, Cisco Systems)

Seats Available: N/A


3-DAY TRAINING 3 – Embedded Security for Automotive

Trainer: Yashin Mehaboobe (Security Analyst, Riscure) & Rafael Boix Carpi (Principal Trainer & Security Specialist, Riscure)

Seats Available: N/A


3-DAY TRAINING 8 – Applied Data Science and Machine Learning for Cyber Security

Trainer: Charles Givre (Lead Data Scientist, Deutsche Bank)

Seats Available: N/A


2-DAY TRAINING 11 – Attacking ARM TrustZone

Trainer: Alexandre Adamski (R&D Engineer, Quarkslab), Joffrey Guilbon (Security Researcher, Quarkslab) & Maxime Peterlin (Security Researcher, Quarkslab)

Seats Available: N/A


2-DAY TRAINING 14 – Hacking Enterprises: Understanding in.security

Trainer: Will Hunt (Co-Founder, in.security) & Owen Shearing (Co-Founder, in.security)

Seats Available: N/A

3-Day Training Trainers

2-Day Training Trainers