Technology Exhibition / CommSec Village

Access to the HITB CommSec Exhibition area and track of talks is COMPLETELY FREE and OPEN TO ALL from 0900 – 1800 on the 23rd and 24th July (onsite registration required if you’re not attending the main conference)

What is the HITB CommSec Exhibition?

An exhibition area showcasing Singapore hackerspaces, makers, builders and security communities highlighting their projects and initiatives, combined with a technology exhibition. These communities and companies will have their own demonstration area to show off their projects and a chance to interact with the conference attendees and speakers.

If you are a Singapore based hacker, maker or security related group (2600, iamthecavalry, etc) and you would like to request for exhibition space (it’s completely FREE), please send an email to  with details on your organization / group and some details on what you intend to showcase / do on-site if given space to do so. Priority is always given to interactivity and things that visitors can get their hands on / try for themselves. All requests for space are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

What is the HITB CommSec Track?

Alongside the exhibition and main conference program, there will also be 30 and 60 minute talks held during the afternoon of both event days covering a range of topics.


Interested in exhibiting? Send an email to  to request for a sponsorship kit!