Sol Ozzan Security Researcher, Dreamlab Technologies

Sol Ozzan has been a Developer, Software Architect, Security Analyst and DevOps technologist for the past four years. She works as a Backend Developer and Security Researcher at Dreamlab Technologies, her previous role was at one of the biggest ecommerce in Latin America. Her technical background includes development in Go, Python, Java, Ruby and Javascript. She has worked with advanced CI/CD pipeline technologies including Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, AWS CodeDeploy and Terraform among others. Sol is a specialist in container-based development and deployment, and has dealt with productive environments that handle +30k distributed VMs with ~150k containers that host +2k distributed services that are deployed +3k per day. When she’s not working she’s volunteering organizing free security events and trainings for beginners, playing Overwatch or listening to vinyl records.

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