Janet Tsang

Janet is an Ag. Lecturer of Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Chai Wan), mainstream Cybersecurity to deliver networking, system administration, and cybersecurity knowledge, supervise the Final Year Projects of Higher Diploma in Cybersecurity, including developing a cybersecurity lab by using GNS3 for building the network and IDS Security Onion for analysing malicious traffics, developing […]

Alan Chung

Alan has ample experience handling complex dispute and litigation cases, having served as forensic examiner, e-discovery specialist, and expert witness testified before courts of laws, at multiple top-tier multinational forensic firms. As an digital forensics and incident response expert Alan is well respected for his deep understanding of technologies, acquired through years of diverse background […]

Captain Kelvin

Captain (a.k.a. Forensics and Hardware Ninja) is an independent security researcher. He focuses on hardware, UAS (Drone) security researches, and digital forensics analysis. He was the first and the only Asian who led a group of white-hat hackers to hold an in-depth, hands-on drone and hardware hacking village in BLACK HAT and DEFCON. He was […]

Sky Yeung aka DNTSky

Sky Yeung aka DNTSky is the chairman of DNT FPV Drone Association Hong Kong, China.  He is also: – Speaker of Black Hat MEA 2023 – ⁠Specialist on drone education and tech development with both defensive and offensive security – ⁠Delivered speeches in over 150+ primary, secondary and ngo education system in Hong Kong – […]

Cato Yuen

Cato Yuen is a drone pilot with over 10 years of experience, he has been building his own multirotor drones and providing unmanned aerial services to local government and corporations. He founded Flysmart Digi in **2015**, bringing multirotor components to individuals, works with various manufacturers in product development and testing for upcoming multirotor technologies. In […]

Tin Tran

Tin Tran (@ngoctinbk) is a security researcher with over 7 years of experience, specializing in the core technology of blockchain and the security of web3 smart contracts. He has conducted multiple audits for large-scale projects, including Binance, Wemix, Sky Mavis, and more. He has also presented at many web3 security events hosted by Chainlink, Web3 […]

Thien Tran

Thien Tran, also known as @th13vn, is an experienced Blockchain Security Researcher. His technical background involves analyzing real-world hacks and reproducing attacks. He has worked with various programming languages to develop security solutions for smart contracts, with a specific focus on securing Solidity and Sui Move. Additionally, he enjoys writing technical articles and sharing his […]

Thanh Nguyen

Thanh Nguyen (@redragonvn) serves as the co-founder of Verichains, leading a world-class security and cryptography research team to deliver cutting-edge solutions for a safer, more secure Web3 ecosystem. Verichains is renowned for its expertise in investigating and mitigating major Web3 hacks, having identified critical flaws within the core of Multi-Party Computation (MPC) and Zero-Knowledge Proofs […]

Doctor Nguyen Anh Quynh

Doctor Nguyen Anh Quynh is a regular speaker at numerous industrial cybersecurity conferences such as BlackHat USA/Europe/Asia/Middle East, DEFCON, Recon, HackInTheBox, Zeronights, H2HC, NULL, etc. He has also presented his research in academic venues such as Usenix, IEEE, ACM, LNCS. His contribution to the field lays the foundation for various innovative works in the cybersecurity […]

Monnappa K A

Monnappa K A is a Security professional with over 15 years of experience in incident response and investigation. He previously worked for Microsoft & Cisco as a threat hunter mainly focusing on threat hunting, investigation, and research of advanced cyber attacks. He is the author of the best-selling book “Learning Malware Analysis.”He is the review […]