Capture the Flag: On-Site Live Hacking Competition


What: Jeopardy style CTF hacking competition
When: April 13th & 14th 2017
Where: Hack in the Box Amsterdam 2017, on location
Caveat: Registration is full, we are currently investigating ways to allow more teams. New registrations will be put on the waiting list.
Update: max number of teams has been bumped to 24 (thanks ITdeal!), but this seems to be the absolute maximum. We are still keeping a waiting list in case teams cancel.

Anarchists of the world unite!

For too long have we tolerated the mind control machine that is mass media.

Ever since the global unification of all digital broadcasting companies under the flag of the Cyber Transmission Federation, the content of the news and entertainment industries have shifted more and more to the Kool-Aid that is Government Propaganda.

It is time to wake up, sheeple, and FIGHT BACK!

This is operation Change The Frequency, in which we will crack the fortress that is the Cyber Transmission Federation, and create true freedom in the chaos that follows.

Join us in our fight on April 13th and 14th, at the Hack in the Box Amsterdam 2017 venue.

To remain stealthy and efficient, we have to limit our presence to 21 24 teams of up to 3 people.


The three teams that wreck the most carnage will be awarded with loot from Cyber Transmission Federation’s treasury:

1st Place – USD1500

2nd Place – USD1000

3rd Place – USD500

The 1st place team will also be flown in to HITB GSEC Singapore (August 24th / 25th), to match their skills with our Asian brethren.

Peerlyst is also offering USD500 for teams who post write ups on the solutions they came up with! Find out more here.


Each team is expected to bring their own gear. Teams will be provided with one network cable for access to the Cyber Transmission Federation’s LAN and one power distributor. Gear you might want to bring along:

  • Laptops
  • A network switch
  • Extra network cables
  • Extra power sockets / power gangs
  • Power converters / adapters


Registration is full, we are currently investigating ways to allow more teams. New registrations will be put on the waiting list. You can register your teams by sending a registration email with your team name to Please send us the following details:

  • Team Name + Country of origin
  • Team Leaders Name/Handle + Email Address
  • Team Members Names/Handle + Email Address

Registered Teams

  1. StratumAuhuur (DE)
  2. KITCTF (DE)
  3. Bitflipper (DE)
  4. Cyber-Eingreiftruppe (DE)
  5. dcua (UA)
  6. CodeRed (KR)
  7. Hack.ERS (NL)
  9. b0rk (NL)
  10. +217 (TW)
  11. -217 (TW)
  12. eSociety (IE)
  13. Eierkoeken met hagelslag (NL)
  14. Plastic Buis (NL)
  15. 133713pwnies (NL)
  16. xSTF (PT)
  17. :Duurtlang (NL)
  18. UglyFlowers (NL)
  19. b1rk (NL)
  20. BatmansKitchen (USA)
  21. 0ldEur0pe (DE)
  22. SpiderLabs Missing Sector (UK)
  23. SectorC (NL)
  24. Heap heap hooray (NL)

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If you have any questions, please send an email to