HITB Car Hacking Village

Virtual Labs + CTF



The virtual labs session will be conducted on Zoom and the link will be released after registration is completed.
Date: 25-26 July (Saturday – Sunday)
Duration: 2pm to 3pm SGT
Content: Before the CTF starts, we will be providing a short live hands-on introduction/demonstration to get you started on playing the car hacking CTF on both days (25th/26th July).

Day 1
Protocol Introduction
● Introduction to Overall Vehicle Architecture
● Introduction to CANbus protocol
● Introduction to CAN frame
● Introduction to Car hacking tools


Day 2
Protocol Introduction
● Identifying the different CAN types
● Introduction to UDS (Unified Diagnostic Systems)
● Introduction to ISO TP Protocol
● Introduction to MOST/LIN/Flexray/Automotive Ethernet


Day 1 & 2
Practical Hands-on Activities on ICSim
● Capture CAN bus traffic
● Replaying CAN bus traffic
● Reverse engineering the CAN IDs
● Spoofing the CAN bus traffic


Laptop Requirements
● Windows 7 and above
● Kali VM or Ubuntu VM
● Administrative Privileges

2. Car hacking CTF

Date and Duration: 25th – 26th July 2020, 3pm to 8pm SGT
Live stream: 4 x Twitch Channels on CSQ’s Bench + Physical Cluster + Virtual vehicle simulated environment For more information check out: https://ctf.carsecurityquarter.org/


The virtual car hacking CTF competition is open to all HITB Lockdown viewers to play. Simply join the HITB discord channel and register for an account on https://ctf.carsecurityquarter.org/ to join us!
Kindly create a Twitch Account to join the queue. Gameplay, Queuing, Support and Rules will be released on https://ctf.carsecurityquarter.org/.


Alina (0x410x54) Tan is the founder of Division Zero’s (Div0) Car Security Quarter (CSQ). Her expertise lies in securing Operational Technology (OT), Industrial Control System (ICS) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems — specifically on the offensive security of these systems. Her interest lies in pentesting OT and automotive systems.


Edmund is an experienced software functional tester & vehicle tester. He is also the pioneer member of Div0’s Car Security Quarter (CSQ). Making a switch into cybersecurity, his interest lies in hardware hacking & pentesting in automotive systems as a start. #animallover #gamer


Tan Pei Si (Kaskrex) is a seasoned developer with a strong interest in cybersecurity. Pei Si is an active advocate in the Singapore cybersecurity community — she actively contributes to Division Zero (Div0) and Infosec In the City/SINCON. She is also the pioneer member of Div0’s Car Security Quarter (CSQ). Pei Si’s interest lies in Digital Forensics & Incident Response (DFIR), hardware hacking and DevSecOps.


Chun Yong is a Cyber Data Analyst in the Government of Singapore. He is interested in threat emulation and creating larger interest in cyber security amongst the local community. He is also the pioneer member of Div0’s Car Security Quarter (CSQ).

Chun Yong