COMMSEC: A Practical Method of Finding Vulnerabilities in Internet of Things


August 25, 2023




CommSec Track

As Internet of Things (IoT) technology evolves, IoT devices are being utilized in a variety of fields. However, it has become a new surface of cyber attacks and is affecting industries that did not previously consider cyber breaches. After a intrusion occurs, post-processing and damage spread prevention are important, but it is difficult to respond due to the lack of standards and guidelines.

This presentation focuses on a methodology of finding IoT’s vulnerabilities and it’s intrusion artifacts.¬†We have established an incident data collection procedure to improve the intrusion data acquisition method for general IoT devices.

Assistant Professor / Vice Dean @ Graduate School of Data Science

Chonnam National University

Leckchae Euom is Director @ System Security Research Center and Head @ Interdisciplinary Program of Information Security and Chonnam National University. He is also an Assistant Professor and Vice Dean @ Graduate School of Data Science.