Grant Knoetze

Cybersecurity Analyst and Instructor

My name is Grant Knoetze, and I am a full-time cybersecurity analyst and part time writer for articles on IT and cybersecurity for various websites and businesses internationally.
I develop and teach courses and programs in Python and PowerShell for cybersecurity as part of my current responsibilities as a cybersecurity analyst.
My work also includes coaching and mentoring students at various levels in their cybersecurity career, and I assist students with basic to advanced IT skills, core cybersecurity knowledge and awareness, and programming languages, including Python, PowerShell, C++, and web, and I am available for consultation in general.
I am also a senior instructor and consultant at a US based company part time, where I develop and teach a network forensics course to US students, and I am part of the coaching and continuous development of the students, who are mostly in law enforcement and practicing digital forensics.
Please visit my website which is a technical blog and includes links to all my social media and other projects at