Lucas ‘BitK’ Philippe

Tech Ambassador


BitK is a French Security Researcher, Bug Hunter, Member of the French CTF team The Flat Network Society and Tech Ambassador at YesWeHack. He is the author of YesWeBurp (a must have bug bounty plugin) and multiple hacking tools like pwnfox, pwnmachine, and more.

He has been doing CTF and bug bounty for over ten years with a specialty in web exploitation. Some of his CTF achievement are: 1st place CsCamp CTF 2012 (Egypt) 1st place Atast CTF 2013 (Tunisia) 1st place Hacknoledge 2013 (France) 2nd place Steria Hacking Contest 2013 (France) 1st place Steria Hacking Contest 2014 (France) 1st place International Forum on Cybersecurity 2014, 2016, 2017 (France) 2nd place Defcon open CTF 2014 (USA) 1st place StHack 2018 (France) 4times finalist at the Nuit du Hack 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017 (France) finalist Real Worl dCTF 2018 (China) 1st place 50M CTF 2019 (USA)