Martin Cernac



For as long as he can remember Martin has felt a fascination with the inner workings of both software and hardware at all levels.He first found work as a Software Developer in 2011, before gaining a BSc (top of the class) in Computer Science in 2016 and then going on to specialise in cyber security, achieving an MSc in Computer Security in 2018.

Since first becoming a Security Consultant Martin has worked on many interesting and unusual Penetration Testing and Red Team exercises and has earned a number of professional certifications, including OSCP, OSWE, OSEP, CKA, AWS-SAA, and others. Martin specialises in Application Security / Secure Software Development, DevSecOps, Kubernetes Security and Cloud Infrastructure Security. He has authored and delivered training on a wide variety of topics ranging from Cloud and Kubernetes Security, through Digital Forensics and Advanced Application Security, with a particular focus on unusual and niche topics.

With his background in software development and expertise in cyber security, Martin understands how security vulnerabilities can be introduced at every stage of the development lifecycle. He is passionate about combining this knowledge of the two fields when he creates training content.