Mathy Vanhoef

Associate Professor

KU Leuven University

Mathy Vanhoef is a Professor at KU Leuven University in Belgium. He’s interested in network and software security, where he studies the security of the full network stack, with a focus on Wi-Fi security and applied cryptography. Mathy is a hacker at heart and during his research he tries to bridge the gap between real-world code and theory. He discovered the KRACK attack against WPA2, the RC4 NOMORE attack against RC4, and the Dragonblood attack against WPA3. Recently, he also collaborated with the industry to design and standardize two new Wi-Fi defenses. One of these defenses, called beacon protection, will become mandatory in Wi-Fi 7. He has previously spoken at Black Hat USA and Europe, DEF CON, Chaos Communication Congress (CCC), Hack in the Box (HITB), Nullcon, OPCDE, TyphoonCon, USENIX Security, and various other leading industry and academic conferences.