Sagar Bhure


F5 Networks

Sagar Bhure is a highly accomplished Security Researcher with a proven track record of excellence in his research on security. He is a filed patent holder with the US for his innovative work on ML and Security and has published several papers on the subject in top-tier journals. Sagar is also the founder of the BSides Hyderabad security community, where he actively collaborates with industry professionals to enhance security awareness and education. He currently leads various projects at OWASP, including the prestigious “ML Security Top 10” an OWASP flagship project.

Sagar has spoken at several industry-leading international conferences, including BlackHat, OWASP, and APISecure. He is regarded as a respected thought leader in the cybersecurity community, frequently invited to speak at conferences and workshops on topics related to offensive and defensive security. Sagar’s engaging presentations have helped to educate security professionals with cutting-edge research and tools to strengthen their security toolkits.