Vikash Chaudhary

CEO and Founder / Director

HackersEra, India & Malaysia

Vikash Chaudhary is a Pillar of the Indian Ethical Hackers community and is responsible for a whole new generation of rising ethical hackers, a lot of whom successfully contribute to platforms like HackerOne & Bugcrowd. He’s looking to expand his mentorship for the new generation to come in this field i.e. Cyber Security, which he thinks could be a great resource to help grow the security talent pool worldwide.

He is also the author of multiple security courses:

1. “Offensive Approach to Hunt Bugs” A manual Hands-on Bug Bounty Course.

2. “Offensive Bug Bounty – Hunter 2.0”

3. “SDR Exploitation” Hands-On Penetration testing up in the air.

Recently, his name was enlisted in the “Top 100 Security Researcher of Microsoft” and his rank is 51 among top 100 security researchers around the globe.