Zhang Qing

Senior Security Researcher


Zhang Qing is a senior security researcher and privacy security expert. Previously, he was a visiting scholar of Model Checking Lab in National University of Singapore. His interests include Android security, IoT security and payment security, specializing in privacy security, reverse engineering and fuzzing. He is a holder of international Privacy Technology Certification certificate(CIPT) and Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe(CIPP/E). His work has appeared at Syscan360 2016, Black Hat 2017, HITB 2017, HITB 2018, HITB 2020, Black Hat 2021 and so on. In 2016-2021, he won many whole year’s first-place prizes in vulnerability detection of some major companies, such as Samsung, Huawei, Meizu, Chuizi, OPPO and Oneplus.