Hands-on Technical Trainings


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2-Day Trainings

August 24 – 25

USD 2299

3-Day Trainings

August 23 – 25

USD 3299

4-Day Trainings

August 23 – 26

USD 4299



2-Day Trainings


2-DAY TRAINING 1 – Application Security Deep Dive

Trainer: Denis Makrushin (Security Researcher and Consultant)


2-DAY TRAINING 2 – A Practical Introduction To BLE Security

Trainer: Slawomir Jasek (Trainer, smartlockpicking.com)


2-DAY TRAINING 3 – Black Belt Pentesting / Bug Hunting Millionaire: Mastering Web Attacks with Full-Stack Exploitation 

Trainer: Dawid Czagan (Founder & CEO, Silesia Security Lab)


2-DAY TRAINING 4 – Cloud Security Masterclass: Securing Public Cloud Infrastructure

Trainer: Abhinav Singh (Stategic Security Transformation, Amazon Web Services)


2-DAY TRAINING 5 – Abusing Active Directory

Trainer: Khalifa AlShamsi (Co-Founder – Head of Penetration Testing / Red Teaming, Malcrove LLC) & Tarek Naja (Subject Matter Expert)


2-DAY TRAINING 6 – Sensepost: Hands-On Hacking Fundamentals

Trainer: Jason Spencer (Security Analyst-SensePost, Orange Cyberdefense) & Marianka Botes (Security Analyst – SensePost, Orange Cyberdefense)


2-DAY TRAINING 7 – Sensepost: Enterprise Infrastructure Hacking

Trainer: Dane Goodwin (Senior Analyst-SensePost, Orange Cyberdefense) & Darryn Cull (Security Analyst-SensePost, Orange Cyberdefense)


2-DAY TRAINING 8 – Attacking and Securing Industrial Control Systems (ICS)

Trainer: Sarka Pekarova (Security Consultant, Dreamlab Technologies) & Yamila Levalle (Security Researcher, Dreamlab Technologies



3-Day Trainings


3-DAY TRAINING 1 – Software Deobfuscation Techniques 

Trainer: Tim Blazytko (Binary Security Researcher, Co-Founder of emproof GmbH)


3-DAY TRAINING 2 – In & Out – Attack, Detection & Hunting with PurpleLabs 

Trainer: Leszek Miś (Founder, Defensive Security)


3-DAY TRAINING 3 – RF Hacking with SDR for physical intrusion systems 

Trainer: Sébastien Dudek (Founder of PentHertz, and Security Researcher at Trend Micro, PentHertz)



4-Day Trainings


4-DAY TRAINING 1 – Advanced Fuzzing & Crash Analysis 

Trainer: Richard Johnson (Principal Security Researcher, FUZZING IO)


4-DAY TRAINING 2 – Secure Coding and DevSecOps 

Trainer: Mohammed A. Imran (Founder & CEO, Practical DevSecOps) & Muhammad Yuga Nugraha (DevSecOps Engineer, Practical DevSecOps)




2-Day Trainers

3-Day Trainers

4-Day Trainers