Advancements in UAV technology are opening new opportunities and applications in various fields of life. However, these advancements are also causing new challenges in terms of security, adaptability, and consistency. Especially the small drones are even suffering from architectural issues and the definition of security and safety issues.
In this village, we will introduce different type of UAVs, eg small drone and FPV devices. The participants can have opportunity to try flight in different degree of challenges. Besides, some devices will be set on-site for drone hacking and tracking.
Types of challenge for beginner to intermediate level
  • Jammer like HackRF to interfere the drone signal, Digital and Analog system
  • Simulator for the beginner without experience with FPV (First-Person-View) flight
  • Photographic/Cinematic, Racing FPV devices trial.
  • Hurdles like gates and flags in the net-tent for small drone flight track