Ali Abdollahi

InfoSec Engineer

Picnic Technologies


CommSec Track


April 20



Ali is an Infosec engineer at Picnic Technologies B.V. and researcher with more than a decade of experience working in a variety of fields. He was speaker or trainer at DefCon RedTeam, AppSec and Aerospace villages, IEEE AI-ML-Workshop-2021, SSD TyphoonCon, c0c0n2019, BSides Toronto, Budapest, Calgary, Newcastle, Barcelona, OWASP Ottawa chapter, Confidence Conf2020, NoNameCon20, YASCon2020, COUNTERMEASURE Conference, DragonCon, COSAC22, LeHack, Hacktivity etc. Moreover, he was a trainer at OWASP Summer of Security 2020, 2021 July training, and reviewer for Springer Cluster Computing Journal as well as 2021 Global AppSec U.S. event.