Cristofaro Mune

Cristofaro Mune is a Co-Founder of Raelize and has been in the security field for 15+ years. He has 10+ years of experience with evaluating the software and hardware of secure products, including numerous TEE designs and implementations.

At Raelize he provides support for developing, analyzing and testing the security of embedded devices. He has contributed to development of TEE security evaluation methodologies and has been member of TEE security industry groups.

His research on Fault Injection, TEE, White-Box cryptography, IoT exploitation and Mobile Security has been presented at renowned international conferences and published in academic papers.
What students say about his training:
“For me as a non-SW reverse engineer the learning curve is a bit steep but better by challenged than to be bored during a training.”

“The training is AMAZING, could use a bit more coffee breaks”

“Really enjoyed the material and CTF, instructions were clear, challenges were nicely staggered, just tricky enough without being frustrating and conveyed the concept clearly”

“Thanks for organising training in Ringzer0. It is above my expectations, and I enjoyed very much these 5 days. Training content are well considered.”