Dhia Mahjoub

Indepdent Security Consultant



Track 2


April 21



Dhia is currently an independent researcher with interests in crypto and web3 data analysis. He was formerly the Head of Security Research at Cisco Umbrella leading his team in creating scalable threat intelligence systems, improving the product, and supporting key business. Before that, he was the first senior researcher at OpenDNS where he built key patented innovations in cloud-delivered network security using anomaly detection and hosting space analysis. This contributed to the acquisition of OpenDNS by Cisco. Dhia has supported law enforcement agencies through his investigation of cybercrime and bulletproof hosting and is a frequent speaker at major events including Black Hat, Defcon, FIRST, Virus Bulletin, Hack in the Box and the EUROPOL-Interpol conference. He has also given keynotes at KPMG and Flocon events. Dhia holds a PhD in Computer Science with a focus on graph analysis.