Mohamad Mokbel

Senior Security Researcher

Trend Micro


CommSec Track


April 20



Mohamad Mokbel is a senior security researcher at Trend Micro. He’s responsible for reverse engineering vulnerabilities and malware C&C communication protocols, among others, to write custom filters for TippingPoint NGIPS. Before joining Trend Micro, Mohamad worked for CIBC in the SoC, one of the top five banks in Canada as a senior information security consultant-investigator (L3) where he realized that experience in the operation field is extremely important to understanding the actual sides of offence and defence. Before CIBC, Mohamad worked for Telus Security Lab as a reverse engineer/malware researcher for about 5 years. He’s been doing reverse code engineering for the last 14 years. His research interests lie in reverse code engineering, malware research, intrusion detection/prevention systems, C++, compiler and software performance analysis, and exotic communication protocols. Mohamad holds an MSc. in Computer Science from the University of Windsor.