Rohan Aggarwal


DefCore Security


Track 2


April 20



Rohan Aggarwal is a Founder at DefCore Security. He is also a part-time Bug Bounty hunter (Synack & Intigriti). He has found security vulnerabilities in big companies like Apple, Yahoo, Twitter, Goldman Sachs, Matomo, BrickFTP, and Pixiv. He has attended various live hacking events such as Intigriti 1337UP1121(2021), HackerOne h1-2004(2020) and BountyBash(2019). From past few years, he also has been reversing reputed Competetive Gaming AntiCheats like EasyAntiCheat, BattleEye & Vangaurd and was able to bypass them while staying undetected.

Rohan previously worked as an Offensive Security Analyst at TCS where he did Web/Mobile Pentesting, IOT and Automotive Security. He presented at SecTor 2020 (Recon – The Road Less Traveled), SecTor 2019 (Car Hacking on Simulation) and at Microsoft’s Azure Bootcamp and has delivered training on IOT, Web Application and Cloud Hacking.