Tarek Naja

Technical Advisor


Tarek (@DeanOfCyber), holds an MSc. in Information Security, is the technical advisor for GISEC, the largest security conference in the Middle East and is a previous OWASP Dubai Chapter Leader. He started his career as a security consultant for a boutique company in the UK where he delivered penetration tests for companies like BBC, Sky, Heinz, Ericsson, BT to name a few. Following that he relocated to Dubai as a senior penetration tester for Verizon. He then transitioned into leading security operations at the largest media organization in the middle east where he led high-end and complex projects. Currently, he is a subject matter expert working with a leading security vendor. As part of Hackers Academy, Tarek has delivered trainings to thousands of students both online and offline.

He currently contributes to the community through the monthly HAVOC event at havoc.hackersacademy.com in addition to regularly mentoring and tutoring university students and preparing them for the job market.


What students say about this training:

Abusing Active Directory (On-Prem & Azure) Course

“Lab setup with prepared toolset was a time saver and it allowed for focus on theory discussion. Unlike other sessions where 50% of course was story telling, the session presented by Mr Naja and Mr AlShamsi was 95% technical content and all valuable and current”

“Fantastic, informative course! Even knowing a bit about AD compromise before, I received a new perspective to strengthen my skillset.”

“Well presented. Fun. Good explanation of kerberos. Very good at explaining complex topics.”

“You explains the things really well and in simple english. I know what DACL ,SACL were. But I know how frustrating they where when I learned about them last year. You explained it really well that a beginner can understand.”


Abusing & Securing Azure Services

“The course was super fun and useful. I learned a lot, had a ton of fun, and became a better pen tester as a result. Teachers were great, classmates were great, and labs were awesome”

“It was really a great class. You explained it really well unlike other courses in which the instructors just put so many things at the same time. + it was really fun in your class.  Awesome work.”

“As usual, Tarek is the man. This course is very well thought out and he explains every topic thoroughly. Very well put together, great pace, highly interesting – plus you get labs to see exploits done in real time. Highly recommended!”