COMMSEC: The Future of Hacking – Unleashing the Power of OpenAI’s GPT-4 Code Interpreter


August 25, 2023




CommSec Track

Join us in an exploration of the transformative potential of AI, particularly the enhanced capabilities of OpenAI’s GPT-4 Code Interpreter, in revolutionizing the field of cybersecurity. Our session recognizes and addresses several critical challenges that security researchers and bug bounty hunters face and help them save time:

Difficulty communicating technical issues to non-technical stakeholders:

Cybersecurity researchers often grapple with explaining complex technical issues in a way that non-technical stakeholders, such as managers or business owners, can understand. Our session will show how AI can simplify and translate these complex issues, improving communication and making information more accessible.

Limited familiarity with AI and data analysis:

With the ever-evolving landscape of AI bringing new developments every week, it’s a challenge for cybersecurity researchers to stay abreast of these changes while also keeping up with advancements in technology and the cybersecurity scene. Our session aims to bridge this gap, providing an overview of key AI concepts and their practical applications in cybersecurity.

Lack of understanding of all programming languages:

Often due to non-developer backgrounds, many researchers struggle with comprehending different programming languages. Our session will demonstrate how AI, specifically the GPT-4 Code Interpreter, can assist in understanding and analyzing code from various languages.

Overwhelming amount of data in cryptocurrency transactions and complexity of smart contracts:

Cryptocurrency transactions involve vast amounts of data, and smart contracts can be extremely complex. These aspects can be daunting for security researchers. We will illustrate how AI and data analytics can be leveraged to manage, analyze, and understand this data more efficiently and effectively.

Benefits to Security Researchers and Bug Bounty Hunters:

We illustrate how mastering AI can offer bug hunters a significant competitive edge, propelling their career advancement. By acquiring and utilizing AI skills, bug hunters can enhance their efficiency and the breadth of their capabilities, thereby standing out in their field.

AI for Effective Bug Hunting

We showcase how AI and Data Analytics can be leveraged to make bug hunting and analysis more efficient and effective, even for those without a background in data science or analytics.

Comprehending Multiple Programming Languages with AI

We detail how AI can aid researchers in understanding multiple programming languages and even simplify specific parts of the code, explaining them in layman’s terms.

Improving Communication with Non-Technical Stakeholders

We demonstrate how AI can distill complex technical concepts into simpler terms, significantly improving communication with non-technical stakeholders. This prevalent issue in today’s business world is addressed with strategic solutions in our session.

Managing and Analyzing Complex Data with AI

We illustrate how AI can handle and analyze large volumes of data, such as those involved in cryptocurrency transactions and smart contracts. We will showcase how AI can save time in cryptocurrency investigations and provide sentiment analysis, deriving meaningful insights from vast amounts of data.

Real-World Use Cases and Demonstrations

Throughout our session, we’ll feature real-world use cases that underscore the effectiveness of AI in cybersecurity. We’ll also provide live demonstrations to show exactly how AI tools can be utilized in different scenarios, giving you a clear, practical understanding of their potential. Our goal is to equip attendees with valuable knowledge and tools that will empower them to drive forward their cybersecurity pursuits with the power of AI.

Chief Technology Officer

Privacy Ninja

Dexter Ng is a distinguished figure in the IT and Cybersecurity industry, boasting over a decade of experience in leading innovative start-ups. As the Founder of Antihack.Me and the Chief Technology Officer at Privacy Ninja, Dexter demonstrates his proficiency in OSINT, Vulnerability Assessment and  Penetration Testing (VAPT), Red Teaming, Web & Mobile Apps Development, Python Programming, Project Management, and data protection.

A trailblazer in his field, Dexter has successfully led and completed numerous online OSINT investigations. These include sensitive data removal cases, such as revenge porn cases in both Singapore and Thailand. He has also been instrumental in tracing ransomware and breached data incidents for Privacy Ninja’s customers. His ability to navigate complex and sensitive cybersecurity incidents underscores his adeptness and commitment to maintaining cyber resilience.

Spearheading more than hundreds of VAPT tests, along with several red teaming projects, Dexter has showcased his ability to assess and fortify a system’s security against potential threats. His expertise in leading such technical and advanced cybersecurity projects further illustrates his deep understanding and competence in the field.

Dexter’s expertise in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) investigations is globally recognized. He has successfully assisted the Thailand Royal Police in identifying the leader of a riot protest in 2021 and conducted crypto NFT scam investigations in 2022. His contribution to these high-profile cases underscores his practical and effective application of cybersecurity strategies in real-world scenarios.