Dexter Ng

Chief Technology Officer

Privacy Ninja

Dexter Ng is a distinguished figure in the IT and Cybersecurity industry, boasting over a decade of experience in leading innovative start-ups. As the Founder of Antihack.Me and the Chief Technology Officer at Privacy Ninja, Dexter demonstrates his proficiency in OSINT, Vulnerability Assessment and  Penetration Testing (VAPT), Red Teaming, Web & Mobile Apps Development, Python Programming, Project Management, and data protection.

A trailblazer in his field, Dexter has successfully led and completed numerous online OSINT investigations. These include sensitive data removal cases, such as revenge porn cases in both Singapore and Thailand. He has also been instrumental in tracing ransomware and breached data incidents for Privacy Ninja’s customers. His ability to navigate complex and sensitive cybersecurity incidents underscores his adeptness and commitment to maintaining cyber resilience.

Spearheading more than hundreds of VAPT tests, along with several red teaming projects, Dexter has showcased his ability to assess and fortify a system’s security against potential threats. His expertise in leading such technical and advanced cybersecurity projects further illustrates his deep understanding and competence in the field.

Dexter’s expertise in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) investigations is globally recognized. He has successfully assisted the Thailand Royal Police in identifying the leader of a riot protest in 2021 and conducted crypto NFT scam investigations in 2022. His contribution to these high-profile cases underscores his practical and effective application of cybersecurity strategies in real-world scenarios.