Hugo Teso

Hugo Teso is actively involved in the development of aviation cyber security standards and upcoming regulations and works closely with international aviation safety and security agencies and organizations. Currently Hugo Teso is responsible for the cyber security of one of the biggest airlines in the world and continues his close cooperation with aviation security agencies, […]

Igor Korkin

Igor Korkin Independent Researcher Igor Korkin, Ph.D. is a security researcher from Moscow, Russia. He has been in cybersecurity for about 10 years working on various areas related to the rootkit detection, memory forensics, and Windows OS kernel security. He enjoys applying both academic knowledge and practical expertise to make computer systems secure and reliable. […]

Anastasiia Kropova

I am MEPhI bachelor student, Department of Cryptology and Cybersecurity. I study Windows Interprocess Communication security, in particular, the ALPC mechanism. I am engaged in the development of new security solutions for Linux and Windows operationg systems.

Anh Khoa Nguyen

Anh Khoa Nguyen is a Security Engineer at Verichains. He has participated in many CTF competitions with the team Efiens. After graduation, Khoa joined Verichains and worked on various projects across different technological stacks including LLVM, Android, iOS, Smartcards, Blockchain and Zero-Knowledge Proof. He frequently shares his research at

Huu Giap Nguyen

Giap is a lead blockchain researcher at Verichains Lab with more than 20 years of experience in cybersecurity and blockchain.

Zhenpeng Pan

Zhenpeng Pan(@Peterpan0927) is a mobile security researcher at STAR LABS SG, focusing on iOS/macOS/Web bug hunting and exploitation. He used to work in Alibaba Security Pandora Lab and Qihoo 360 Nirvan Team. He was a speaker of Zer0Con, POC, OffensiveCon and 0x41Con.

Raunak Parmar

Raunak Parmar works as a security consultant at @notsosecure whose areas of interest include web penetration testing, Azure/AWS security, source code review, scripting, and development. He has 3+ years of experience in information security. He likes to research new attack methodologies and create open-source tools that can be used during Cloud Red Team activities. He […]

Sagar Bhure

Sagar Bhure is a highly accomplished Security Researcher with a proven track record of excellence in his research on security. He is a filed patent holder with the US for his innovative work on ML and Security and has published several papers on the subject in top-tier journals. Sagar is also the founder of the […]

Joshua Jebaraj

Joshua Jebaraj is Creator of GCP-Goat .His primary are of interest around cloud and cloud native security.He had also Spoken at conferences like Defcon,Owasp-Seasides,Bsides-Delhi and Eko-party When away from the screen he can be found watching movies and making memes

JunDong Xie

Jundong Xie, a security expert at Ant Security Light-Year Lab, is a graduate of Zhejiang University and a former member of the AAA CTF team. His areas of interest include browser security and instant messaging software security. From 2018 to 2020, he participated in three editions of the Tianfu Cup International Cyber Security Competition, where […]