Swaroop Yermalkar

Swaroop Yermalkar is a seasoned cybersecurity professional with over 11 years of industry experience, currently working as a Senior Cyber Security Researcher at ThriveDX. In his role, Swaroop focuses on investigating cutting-edge attack vectors and incorporating them into the company’s learning platform to enhance cybersecurity training and awareness. In the past, Swaroop has collaborated with […]

Pavan Karthick M

As a Threat Researcher at CloudSEK, I am deeply committed to automating threat intelligence and have a fervor for hunting emerging threats. My extensive research and practical experience have culminated in significant findings and the creation of multiple automation projects, benefitting both me and my peers in the cybersecurity field. My expertise, combined with an […]

Dexter Ng

Dexter Ng is a distinguished figure in the IT and Cybersecurity industry, boasting over a decade of experience in leading innovative start-ups. As the Founder of Antihack.Me and the Chief Technology Officer at Privacy Ninja, Dexter demonstrates his proficiency in OSINT, Vulnerability Assessment and  Penetration Testing (VAPT), Red Teaming, Web & Mobile Apps Development, Python […]

IeckChae Euom

Leckchae Euom is Director @ System Security Research Center and Head @ Interdisciplinary Program of Information Security and Chonnam National University. He is also an Assistant Professor and Vice Dean @ Graduate School of Data Science.

Dalin Yang

He is a security engineer working at Xiaomi. He has experienced serious career planning to change careers, worked in tianyu mobile hardware engineer, Qualcomm CE, etc. Then in 2018, he got involved in network security industry, before coming to Xiaomi, he worked in 360 for more than 3 years as an IOT security researcher position, […]

Linfeng Xiao

Linfeng Xiao (肖临风) is a security engineer working at Xiaomi. His research focuses on binary security, radio security, and he is mainly responsible for the security research, daily testing, and automation capability improvement of Xiaomi IoT products, ensuring the security of the entire lifecycle of these products, and responding to related security emergency incidents. Currently, […]

Paolo Montesel

Paolo (aka Babush) is a security guy who likes strings, machine learning and reverse engineering. He is also a member of the Italian CTF team mhackeroni, who qualified multiple times at DEF CON CTF but never won. His past research efforts include MikroTik routers, NAVER Line, and Flex/Bison.

AVM Amorn Chomchoey

Air Vice Marshal Amorn Chomchoey, is the Secretary General, of the National Cyber Security Agency of Thailand and Executive Director of Cyber Operations for the Royal Thai Air Force Cyber Center. He was previously Director of the Cyber Warfare Division of the Royal Thai Air Force in the Department of Information and Communication Technology.

Arun Mane

Arun Mane is a Founder and CEO of Amynasec Labs company which is specialized in Vehicle/Iot/ICS and he is also Hardware, IOT, and ICS Security Researcher. His areas of interest are Hardware Security, SCADA, Automotive security, Fault Injection, RF protocols, and Firmware Reverse Engineering. He also has experience in performing Security Audits (iso 62443, iso […]